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Joining forces to be there for your event!

We would love to be a part of your events and help it be the best it can be.

Bike-O-Rama –
(mobile set up for events or neighborhood events to do the 5 essential checks you should do before each bike ride)
1. With one tech can see about 12 per hour – $320 per hour
2. With two techs can see about 24 per hour – $480 per hour
3. With three techs can see about 36 per hour – $640 per hour
4. With four techs can see about 48 per hour – $800 per hour

Truss with Start / Finish line – (max size 15 foot high 20 foot long) (room for a 15′ X 5′ banner) $1,000
Truss can be set up smaller if needed to fit in smaller space.

Event Sound Systems – 
1. Small for events up to 250 people – $150 per hour
2. Medium for events up to 550 people – $250 per hour
3. Large for events with 550-3,000 people – $500 per hour

Bike tour support vehicle – SAG Truck/ Van rentals – $480.00 Minimum – this covers 4 hours

If you are looking for SAG wagon, or support vehicle for bike tours, you are on the right place!

1. Our price of $480 per day min. this includes 4 hours and includes a truck or van and driver for local area trips.  There are additional costs for renting gear and for travel to tours outside the Sarasota area.  Please contact us for quotes.
2. You are hiring a driver, not a guide.  You should not expect a “guided trip” from your driver or expect them to be with you at all times.  You can work out the general day’s plan with your driver so everyone is clear on what is going on and where you will be meeting up together again
3. Because of limited space in the support vehicle, you will have to provide your own transportation to the start of the ride or arrange a shuttle with us.
4. We will be supplying an open pickup-up truck with a rack system that can carry up to 6 bikes and pick-up bed. Or the Van with only 1 extra seat.

*with the sound systems we will need adequate power supplied for the system needed or requested.

*Please plan and book early to lock in your event date*

*a deposit or advertising plan must be shared and agreed upon with contract in place for the event to be considered booked*

*These items can be in full or in part traded in advertising to equal the service value.*

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